The Guide To An Unconventional Valentines Day

The Kentucky Gents Guide To An Unconventional Valentines Day

With all the madness that was NYFW I almost forget that the “Holiday” that some dread and others look forward to all year long is right around the corner. The dozen red roses and boxes of chocolates have seen their time in the limelight, now it’s time to put a little more thought and effort into it. The older I’ve become the more I have realized that it’s seriously the thought that counts. If you take your time and plan out a special Valentines Day surprise for your loved one, it will make it something that’s guaranteed to be remembered.

 10. Romantic Weekend Getaway

Taking a weekend trip and getting out of town is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Keep an eye out for special packages on sites like Groupon or Living Social for trips to wineries or a small bed and breakfast for an unforgettable weekend. Turn your phones off once you’re there to focus on spending the weekend getting closer as a couple. Plan ahead and make sure you talk to their work to clue them in on your secret agenda. That way they’ll have nothing to worry about back home.

 9. Flowers

Time to mix it up a little bit. Send that special someone a rose for everyday that you’ve been together. Imagine being with someone for a year and having over 300 roses delivered to your office? It would certainly be something to make everyone else in that office jealous.

 8. Cook Their Favorite Meal

Food really is the way to most of our hearts. It’s something that we all connect with on a deeper level. Maybe it goes back to our childhoods where Mom or Grandma would cook big meals, and the whole family would gather around the table whilst laughing, loving, and enjoying the moment.  You’re guaranteed to look extra sexy when they come home from work and you’re slaving away in the kitchen for them, and remembering their favorite meal shows that you really care.

 7. Learn Something New TOGETHER

Schedule couple’s dance classes or begin taking yoga classes together. You’ll get to laugh at each other’s mistakes and slip-ups all while learning something new together and growing closer as a couple. They’ll also know that they’re guaranteed one date night a week, and for most that means a lot more than all the chocolate in the world.

 6. Rent A Limo

Get dressed to the nine’s and step out for a night on the town in the back of a limo. Have it rented for the night and stocked with Champagne. Roll around the town basking in the beautiful night and in the glow of your love. Almost guaranteed you’ll be reeling like high school sweethearts on their way to their first prom before the night is over.

 5. Plan A Romantic Evening

Plan ahead and reserve a hotel room in your favorite hotel in town, you’ll want to do this well in advance as all the nice hotels will book up quickly, have it fully stocked with flowers and champagne. Buy them a new outfit, or better yet send them to the mall with your credit card and have them pick out whatever they want. Give them guidelines of what your romantic outing will include, but don’t spill all the beans, just so they don’t under or over dress. Hit up all your favorite nightspots around town, and instead of heading home at the end of the night surprise them by heading to the hotel. We all love trying new things, and ending the night in a new place will end the night with a bang, no pun intended.

 4. Revisit Your First Date

Whether you’ve been dating for 2 years or 2 months, you should still remember your first date. Take this Valentines Day to recreate that moment that your worlds aligned and fate stepped in and took hold of the reigns. Celebrate it, embrace it, and relive it to the fullest. There will be none of those awkward first date jitters or nervous thoughts in the back of your head this time around.

 3. Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt for them. Have the first clue ready for them when they get off of work. Set up a fun sprawl over town at your favorite spots; pick places that have special meaning to you. Include local business that you’re both regulars at, your favorite waitress or bartender will play a great supporting role for you. Promise a reward at the end of the hunt, and use clue words like “Go to the spot where we first kissed.” If you’re thinking of popping the question this Valentines Day this is a GREAT way to do it.

 2. I’m A Slave For You

Take a page from Britney’s book and be their slave for the day. This could include checking off all the things you’ve been ignoring on their honey-do list, or you can set up rules like “no manual labor” and keep the slave work enjoyable for both of you.

 1. If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

I can’t think of a better way to cap off your Valentines Day adventures than getting down on one knee and asking that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you. Using this as the reward at the end of the scavenger hunt is a sure fire to make all their friends jealous. Or you can have the ring waiting for you at the hotel room after your romantic date night.

 Hopefully this easy to breeze through guide will help your Valentines Day escapades go from So-So to Va-Va-Voom. Above all just remember to put thought and effort into it, it’ll show. They’ll be more thankful for you taking the time out of your busy day to plan something special for them than any amount of money you may have spent on them in the past.

Stylishly Yours,

The Kentucky Gent

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