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Thursday Things:
A White Kitchen

Been doing Thursday Things for a while now, but realized last week that I don’t think I ever explained what the point of these posts is. I read a lot of blogs throughout the week, and this is my chance to highlight my favorite online finds: from tips on how to…

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Saturday Shop:
Outdoor Pottery

If you read this week’s Thursday Things (which I don’t think anyone really did, so now’s your chance) you’ll already know how I’m spending my day, butĀ for those of you that didn’t last weekend my downstairs neighbor and I tackled making our front porch feel like home and this week’s…

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Thursday Things: Begin Fresh

The Fresh Exchange always, always serves as a source of inspiration for me. I mean with graphics like above how could they not, right? But this week they may/may not have inspired me to give this “Whole 30” thing a chance. Because a chance to begin fresh sounds like something…

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Thursday Things: My Happy Place

I find inspiration in different places almost every week, but there are several blogs that I read day after day that constantly leave me feeling more inspired than I did when I first opened their page. Style By Emily Henderson is one of those blogs. If you’re not familiar with…