Summer Swimwear

I’m returning to the real world today after what seemed like the shortest and best vacation of my life.

I’m a true Aquarius and feel much more at home near water than I do anywhere else, because of that I always cherish the times I get to visit the beach. Swimwear for men has came a long way from where it was when I first began taking vacations with my family that’s for certain, but have we as men came that far? My lady counterparts had a new bathing suit for each day of the week, while I was left wearing the same suit day after day. With all the options we have now shouldn’t we take advantage of them? From swim briefs to square-cut swim trunks 2(x)ist offers a wide variety to suit any guy’s needs. I’ve always been a fan of shorter swim trunks, less tan lines, but I’ve never been brave enough to don swim briefs. From the looks of my Instagram feed as of late though swim briefs and the square-cut swim trunks are what many of the modern men are opting for. I’m certainly not complaining, show off what your momma gave ya after all.

What’s your go-to suit for swimming?

Stylishly Yours,

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent

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