The Kentucky Gent for Men's Grooming Tips and Tricks

How Much Is Too Much?

The Kentucky Gent for Men's Grooming Tips and Tricks

I’ll admit I’m guilty of sometimes doing too much.

Whether it’s your face or hair lathering up too often can be just as bad as not doing it at all. Our skin and hair both adept to conditions they are put through. They both will get more/less oily based on our grooming habits. When we wash too often we are stripping the hair and skin of valuable natural oils which makes our body kick into overdrive to produce extra oil. This leads to break outs on the face and oil buildup on our hair. Follow these few simple rules below to avoid product overload.

The Kentucky Gent for Men's Grooming Tips and Tricks

Save Face

This is where I’m the most guilty. Both of washing too often and not washing enough. I somehow think that over washing will make up for forget to wash my face the night before. Granted on the days that I hit the gym or go for a run I am sure to wash my face before hitting the sheets. Starting your day with a splash of warm water on your face and keeping your cleansing ritual for the evening should cut it and keep your face looking and feeling it’s best. If you’re like me though and can’t image starting your day without washing your face be sure to use a gentle cleanser like Fresh Farmacy from Lush. It’s been my go-to for years due to it’s light lather, leaving my face squeaky clean without me feeling dry.

The Kentucky Gent for Men's Grooming Tips and Tricks

Protect Your Skin

The right moisturizer will keep water in the outermost layer of skin, but with many moisturizers being filled with oils, parabens, and petroleum now, they can actually have the opposite affect. These moisturizers when over applied can actually stop your skin from producing it’s own layer of moisture. Opt for a natural and oil free alternative like Vanishing Cream or Enzymion if you’re a oily like me.

The Kentucky Gent for Men's Grooming Tips and Tricks

Skip The Shampoo

Unless you’re coating your hair in heavy products, pomades/gels or are a pro athlete, you can definitely skip out on shampooing your hair every day. If your excuse is that your hair is fine so it’s going to get oily, invest in some dry shampoo. It’ll be your savior. It also adds incredible texture to thin or fine hair that you wouldn’t normally have. I’m blessed with an incredibly thick head of hair, and because of that I’m able to get away with washing once a week if that. After a long run or anytime I feel extra dirty I will rinse my hair with warm water right before I hop out of the shower. You’d be amazed at how much better your hair is on day two or three. Also, your hair will get used to not being washed every day, and your oiliness will subside. It takes some time, but I definitely think it’s worth it.

Come on guys. Stop abusing your face and hair. For some of us, myself included, those are our money makers. Time to take the cue from the ladies in our lives and show ourselves a little more TLC.

Stylishly Yours,

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent

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