The Kentucky Gent's Father's Day Gift Ideas.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

For today’s Tuesday Tip I’m giving the low down on my picks for Father’s Day.

If your Dad is like mine he would never admit to wanting a gift for Father’s Day, but like they say “It’s the thought that counts.” I’ve broken Dad’s down into three handy little categories for an easy to shop Father’s Day gift guide. We’ve got our Classic Dad’s, Dapper Dad’s, and Handy Dad’s. Keep on reading for ideas on what’s best for each Dad.

For The Classic Dad: A Beer Bucket Gift Basket would be an ideal pick. What Dad doesn’t enjoy a good beer or several good beers? You can use site likes for a pre-made bucket, or you can get creative and make a basket with his favorite beers and snacks. If his fridge is already packed check out Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chillers. These handy guys chill in the freezer until you’re ready to use them then they slide into a beer bottle to keep it nice and frosty until he’s done enjoying his beer.

For The Dapper Dad: A good skin care regime shouldn’t leave his medicine cabinet because he’s graduated from puberty. It’s incredibly important to keep mature skin moisturized and healthy to avoid wrinkles and premature aging! Try options like Baxter of California or Shiseido.

For The Handy Dad: Whether he’s busy tinkering away in the garage or working on his latest DIY project this dad is always busy. Their tool kits may be plentiful, but I can almost guarantee they’re missing one or two items from each kit. Round out their missing pieces with a new tool kit. Word Notebooks are perfect for writing down the measurements for that new project he’s working on, or for writing down his Lowe’s shopping list.

Your Dad not on the list? Opt for a gift card to Target and his favorite restaurant. Then join him for a day of food and shopping.

I hope these few quick tips will make your Father’s Day shopping a breeze.

Enjoy the weekend with him!

Stylishly Yours,

Josh Johnson

The Kentucky Gent

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