The Kentucky Gent's Beach Trip Essentials.

Beach Trip Essentials

The Kentucky Gent's Beach Trip Essentials.

Beach vacations have always been my favorite vacations.

I’ve always felt more at home by the water than anywhere else. I love the sounds of the ocean lapping against the coast, the feel of sand between my toes, and the burn of the sun against my skin. Speaking of the burn.. ouch. Got myself some serious sun yesterday, time to up the SPF to 50 instead of 30. I will say that I love Banana Boat for Men sunscreen though. It helps combat body odor while doubling as sunscreen. If you sweat like me you know that’s crucial. Another important thing that I’ve learned over the years is that facial sunscreen is a life saver. I always use a higher SPF on my face than I do on the rest of my body. I’m prone to sunburn because of my light hair and light complexion, and I HATE peeling once I’m home from a vacation. I feel like it’s a waste of time. Reapply sunscreen frequently! Every 80 minute is what is recommended, or every time you get out of the water. As far as swim trunks go I always opt for shorter cuts with a print or pattern on them. You’re not going to be wearing much when you’re by the pool or ocean, make it count. Big thanks to Mr. Swim NY for this great pair, just in time for this trip. I’d be lost without sunglasses, a great beach towel, and a good read as well.
What are you beach trip essentials?
Stylishly Yours, 
Josh Johnson
The Kentucky Gent

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