How To Be A Smooth Guy

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I’ve got my serious face on, and it’s time we sit down and had a chat, y’all. Some days I’m glad to be a guy, other days not so much. Most of that has to do with other guys than myself, if we’re being 100% honest. I’m sure most of you can relate with that, and because of that I’m here today to give some advice on how to be a smooth guy. And by smooth, I mean that slick guy that stops you cold in your tracks because he’s got that certain je ne sais quoi about him.

Be Courteous: Nothing speaks to your levels of chivalry like good old-fashioned courteousness. Don’t think holding the door for others is something that only your dad’s generation(s) did, because it’s not.

Be Kind: A random act of kindness or any act of kindness can speak much, much louder than words.

Be Open: If you have something on your mind, say it. Learn to be open and honest about things that are on your mind instead of dwelling on it.

Be Aware: Always keep one eye open, and be aware of what’s going on around you, whether that be the other people in your life or complete strangers.

Be You: Last, but not least. Be yourself. There’s nothing worse than someone pretending to be someone they’re not.

Now these 5 tips certainly aren’t the only ways to be a smooth guy, and they definitely aren’t exclusive to men either – ladies, feel free to follow along with these as well. What are some of your favorite characteristics in a smooth guy?

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how to be a smooth guy, mens grooming, smooth up, bic, sponsored post, menswear

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  • i get so frustrated when people list “holding the door open for someone” as a random act of kindness; um no, that’s just common decency. Men (anyone) who are courteous, respectful, and polite and the best kind of people. Kindness is my #1 trait to look for, recognize, and appreciate in all other humans.