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Anchal Project
Inspires Goodness

I’ve always considered myself a fairly involved person. Growing up I went on mission trips with my church and did volunteer work. As I got older though it’s safe to say that want waned and self-importance and ignorance took its place. I blame it on the fact that I was young and dumb. More interested in going out and drinking, not volunteering my time and/or money.  Little did I know that attending a fashion show a few years back would change all of that. I was originally introduced to Anchal Project at the launch of Anchal x Urban Renewal collection. Yes, I went to the show because of Urban Outfitters involvement (don’t hate – I was 21/22 and thought UO was the coolest thing ever.) But I left the show with more than a few tears in my eyes and a fire in my heart. A fire that’s grown over the years as I’ve developed a friendship with the team at Anchal.    Since then I attend their trunk shows and pop-up shops religiously. Doing my best to share their message with my readers when I can. Needless to say last year’s trip to India with them was a long time in the making. Getting the chance…

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