The Kentucky Gent, a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger, shares the honest truth about being a blogger.

The Honest Truth

I’ve not shared an actual tip regarding blogging on here in a minute, and while today’s post may not help you be a better blogger – it may help you have better etiquette. It’s something that’s been on my chest for a while, and the honest truth is that it’s high time that I got it off.  The thing I like least about online personalities, interactions, etc. is the fact that the etiquette face to face interactions would mandate is often times thrown out the window. Questions that people would never ask, comments that would never be made, or shade that would never be thrown all become possible behind the safety of your computer screens.  If you’ve followed along for any length of time now you’ve probably read What Does A Blogger Do and What I Do (if you haven’t, get on that), and hopefully have a better idea of what we as bloggers do on a daily basis. I’ve of course not covered EVERYTHING, and I understand that there may still be some nagging questions in the back of your minds – whether those questions be coming from a place of curiosity, because you’re a new blogger, or any other various reasons; it…

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The Kentucky Gent, a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger, shares what he's learned at NYFW.


I’m taking a detour from my usual Tuesday Tips trajectory for a special edition post in honor of NYFW. Bags are packed, and I’m ready to hop on a plane first thing tomorrow morning for the Big Apple. I was looking through photos from my first season at NYFW yesterday, and boy WHAT was I thinking? From the outfits, to the hair, and everything in between you could definitely tell I was a newbie at the shows. BUT in my defense I was attending with someone who told me I was expected to dress a certain way, which included blazers with every outfit, and if y’all have followed along for long at all you know that blazers are few and far between on here. So trust me when I say it was tragic. As far as my hair goes, it was in that awkward grow out stage, and I looked equal parts butch-ish lesbian and soccer mom. Needless to say, I’ve learned a lot since then, and I can’t believe this is my third season attending shows. To save you the stumbles, blunders, and faux pas here are some things I’ve gleaned over the last year or so.  Let me preface this by…

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The Kentucky Gent, a men's fashion and lifestyle blogger, shares how to make a blogger media kit.

Blogger Media Kit

We’ve talked Branding, Instagramming, and What We Do in past “How To Be A Better Blogger” posts, and today I’m sharing something that I put off doing for the longest time; making a blogger media kit. It’s the one thing that all bloggers are told to add to their arsenal as soon as we start up our blog, but from what I’ve heard and seen very few of us actually follow through with. When I decided to treat my blog as a business in 2015 I knew building a media kit was step one in that process, and boy do I wish I had done in sooner.  The main reason I put it off so long was honestly because I had NO idea where to begin; by that I mean I had zero idea what is should look like. I’m an incredibly visual person – which I think most creative folk can relate to, and that makes it a little hard for me to set out to complete a project if I don’t have any idea what said project should look like in the end. If you’re like me in that aspect and have been putting off building a media kit, then today…

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The Kentucky Gent, a Louisville, Kentucky based men's fashion and lifestyle blogger, shares tip on cultivating and honing in on your brand.

Your Brand

This week I turned 25, and The Kentucky Gent got a new logo thanks to my friend Aaron over at Made By A; the latter gave me the idea to share some tips on figuring out your brand. I’ve met with a handful of locals to give guidance on branding, and realize that while I’d love to meet up and help out all of y’all there just aren’t enough hours in the day (or money in my bank account) to facilitate that.  Whether you’re a newbie blogger, small business, or just about anyone in between having an authentic brand is as essential to being successful both on and offline as anything else. Once you decide to start treating your creative pursuits like a business YOU are your brand. You’re your own PR firm, social media manager, content creator, and any other hat you can think to wear. With all that being said you’re in complete control of what your brand looks like, keep reading to figure out how to get started on your branding.  Get A Logo Seems simple enough, but a solid logo helps others recognize your brand whether online or in print. If you’re like me and no whiz at graphic design…

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How To Instagram With Purpose

Just like there’s a BIG difference between being a blogger and blogging, there’s an equally as big of a difference between Instagramming as a “brand” and for fun. If you’re a blogger you should be treating Instagram – and every other social media account – as if you were a brand. Your feeds on all other platforms should be an extension of the message you’re selling on your blog. Readers should easily be able to see continuity between the content you share in your blog posts, and what you’re sharing on social media.  Instagram has quickly become one of the largest and most used social media platforms (200 million users as of December) for bloggers and common folk alike. While Instagram is definitely the hands down favorite of my accounts, it’s also the most lucrative. If you’ve ever gone to dinner with me you know that it’s an unspoken rule that no food is allowed to be touched until I’ve snapped a photo or 50. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself how annoying I must be to eat with, but before you judge too harshly understand that I’ve been contacted by several companies in regards to paid opportunities solely based on the photos I take of my…

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