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Winter Cold Tips

I’m sharing #Robitussin in my life as part of a Robitussin sponsored series for Socialstars™. It never fails that when I travel during this time of year I come with a cold. As I gear up to head to NYC for Fashion week later this week (CAN’T WAIT) I’ve teamed up with  Robitussin® to share a few tips for getting a few winter cold tips that have saved me time and time again.  Stay Hydrated Drink plenty of fluids. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from my trips to the Big Apple it’s that I’ve always got to carry a water bottle with me and keep it full at all times.  Drink Tea I always opt for decaffeinated teas when I’m starting to feel under the weather because they help keep me warm from the inside out without the dehydrating effects of coffee.  Come Prepared There’s nothing worse than sitting at a fashion show (or anywhere that you need to look and feel your best) and coughing up a lung. Because of that I always come prepared with cough suppressant to make sure I keep the focus on the clothes, not my loud mouth.  I’m able to take back my day with Robitussin®…

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