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Last Minute Gift Ideas for Him

In typical fashion here I am a few days before Christmas and JUST now getting around to shopping. Literally swung by a local shop to pick up a gift for a white elephant party on the way TO the party. Taking procrastination to a whole new level, y’all. And if you happen to find yourself a similar situation – then you’re in luck. Because I’ve teamed up with my friends at Meijer today to share gift ideas for arguably the hardest people in your life to shop for. Yes, that’s right. The guys in your life. So without further adieu here are a few last minute gifts for him that’ll delight and surprise all the guys in your life. Majority of guys (myself included) don’t love shopping for the necessities. Like underwear, socks, and grooming products. It’s more fun to buy things like video games or a bottle of nice bourbon. I get it. Which is why Christmas is the perfect time to load your dudes up with the best grooming products. The beauty and grooming section at Meijer is full of top-notch brands like Cremo, Bulldog, and old favorites like AXE and Old Spice. Meaning they’ve got a little…

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Easter Basket Ideas for Guys

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. Not because of the actual day, but because of the copious amounts of candy that always accompanied it. My mom always went overboard on the goodies she’d include, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. After all, I’ve always had one serious sweet tooth. Some things never change!  Some things do though. Back in the day I would have hated getting underwear (or anything practical) in an easter basket. But now? Yes, please. So if you’re like me and waiting until the last minute to prepare an Easter basket for the guys in your life. Then you’re in luck! Cause Walmart is the perfect one stop shop for creating a one-of-a-kind manly easter basket.  The key to nailing a bold, manly Easter basket is knowing what your guy has a hankering for. Because after all, the true way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. For me, that’s a delicate combo of savory and sweet items. No basket is complete without the requisite Easter candy, but including a 26-pack of Slim Jim really takes it to the next level. That way your guy (and you) have something to snack on,…

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Best Gifts for Him

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. I get it. Guys are hard to shop for. Most things that we want, we already have. We’re often times more picky than girls (even though the majority of us will never admit that.) And as the days before Christmas quickly dwindle down the heat is on.  But worry not. Today, I’m here to help by rounding up the best gifts for him. Things you know that he needs, but would never buy for himself are a great place to start. Not sure what I mean? Think deodorant, hair styling products, or underwear/socks. The older I get the more I really, really appreciate gifts of this nature as it means I can spend money on things I actually want, not need. Other than that why not start off his New Year’s resolution off on the right foot with some new workout gear, or add a new tech gift to his arsenal. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite below – keep reading, pull up a chair, and start shopping.  Grooming If the guys in your life already use Old Spice, then this would is a no-brainer gift. But even if they’re…

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Jet-Setter Gift Guide with eBay

This holiday season, I’m swapping gifts with another blogger who loves to travel for eBay’s holiday gift exchange. I’ve partnered with eBay to create this post! Enjoy! After spending nearly a month overseas it’s safe to say that I’ll never take a trip like that again without a few things in my arsenal, and if you’ve got a fellow jet-setter in your life then you’re in luck because this gift guide is for you. From things to keep your loved one’s electronics organized while they’re traveling to a global Wi-Fi device (that they should literally never leave home without), there’s something for all of the travel-obsessed folks on your shopping list. If one of your loved ones likes to hop aboard a plane as often as I do, I can almost guarantee that the most thoughtful gift(s) you could get for them would be the things that they’d never buy for themselves – like a global Wi-Fi hotspot. No one wants to lose service while sharing that perfect Instagram photo. eBay is the perfect one-stop shop for all your shopping needs this holiday season as they’ve got all the tops brands and items with some of the best deals online,…

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