thrive market review

Why I Love Thrive Market

Let me preface this by saying, this is in no way, shape, or form sponsored or promoted by Thrive Market. I just seriously love them and their products that much. I first stumbled upon Thrive Market when I began Whole30 because of their Whole30 starter kit. Which I can’t say enough good things about. It made my first Whole30 experience as easy as possible. Since then I’ve used them to stock up on essentials as well as trying out new products that I would never find in the Louisville market. I’ve meant to publish a Thrive Market Review for months now, but sometimes life gets in the way. Happy to say though that I’m home for a few weeks and am getting to publish some non-sponsored content that I love to stand behind. So without further ado here’s my honest Thrive Market review. So I’ll be the first to say I’m typically wary of having to register for a site just to use it. Not to mention I think most subscription sites aren’t worth it, but their registration was free and landed me 15% off my first order. Literally had nothing to lose, and if it could make Whole30 easier than by…

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bloody mary with celery

Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Time flies, y’all! I swear it feels like it was just Derby a few months ago, but here we are again. And this year is shaping up to be one of my busiest Derby seasons yet. Can’t complain though. It’s easily one of the best times to call Louisville home. The whole city really turns it out for the few weeks leading up to the actual races. As of now right now, I’m only spending one day at the actual track, which is 100% fine by me. Why? Because locals, like myself, really enjoy spending actual Derby day at home with friends, where we’ll eat and drink for most of the day without battling the crowds. This year I’m hosting a Derby Brunch: A Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar. I’m coming stocked with every Bloody Mary Mix that Master of Mixes has to offer, and a spirit for each mix. Because Tequila and Bourbon make for as good of a Bloody Mary as Vodka does. Personally? I’m partial to Tequila over Vodka in almost everything, especially Bloody Mary’s or Bloody Marias in this instance. As far as my friends go? I’ve asked them to all pitch in and bring…

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whole30 chicken curry with cauliflower rice

Whole30 Chicken Curry

 Howdy all! Hope 2018 is off to a great start for each and every one of you. Last night on Instagram I got a little deep and shared a confession or two with everyone on there. Namely, that I’ve felt very, very insecure about how I’ve looked for roughly the last year. I’ve touched on my past relationship here and there, but have never really delved super deep into it as I’ve not been ready to do so. Still not 100% there, but I can say for certain that being with someone who constantly tells you how fat and ugly you are does take a toll on you. After awhile you begin to believe what they’re saying, begin to view yourself that way, and then you end up being that way. Never let someone make you second-guess your awesomeness, ever. Because you are fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s taken me almost a year to realize that again, but I’m glad to be standing here today feeling better than I have in years. How’d I manage that you might ask. Well, it started with an adventure some of y’all may already be familiar with: Whole30. It’s not quite a diet, but…

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dagoba dark chocolate bar

Kitchen Sink Cookies

I’m sharing DAGOBA in my life as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars.Well, you guys. Happy 2018! Excited for all that the year has in store AND to start the year off with Whole30. More on that to come at a later date! Also, be on the lookout for some Whole30 approved recipes as I make my way through the net month! So obviously these cookies were from last month, and what I took to family Christmas this year. Let me tell you – there were a hit! Why? Cause a mix of sweet and savory is always a winner. Therefore these guys are sure to be a new favorite. Of course, after I finish Whole30 that is. So until them for me until then, deal? DAGOBA chocolate bars make for a perfect snack and an even better addition to cookies. Especially their Extra Dark variety, cause when paired with salty bits of pretzels it’s the perfect marriage of sweet and savory. Don’t believe me? Scroll through the rest of these photos, and I’m sure your mouth will be watering. So after that, grab the recipe for yourself and head to your local Target to pick up my new…

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patron holiday bottle

Tequila Cold Brew

Well, what a year 2017 turned out to be. Full of a crazy amount of ups and down, and easily one of my busiest years to date. Can’t say that I’m sad to say goodbye to 2017 though. Especially seeing as I’ll be ringing in 2018 with the best friends a guy could ask for. Complete with an all you can eat and drink celebration at one of our favorite spots. Followed by a Silent Disco where we’ll be dancing the night away. If it sounds like a long night that’s because it’s definitely going to be, but hey you’re only young once, right? Luckily my second holiday cocktail with Patrón is going to help us power through the night. More and more local bars have gotten on board with the cold brew cocktail trend, and I’m definitely here for it. So much so that I’m putting a holiday spin on one to serve while my friends and I get ready for the night. Best thing about this cocktail though? It’s easy to whip up a big batch and have it chilling in the fridge for your guests before they even arrive. Meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy time…

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