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Bourbon Mixology 101
with I.W. Harper

I wasn’t always a bourbon drinker – in fact, back in the day I was the furthest thing from a bourbon drinker. Vodka Sprite was my drink of choice, and I vehemently stayed clear of any dark liquors – mostly due to running with a large gaggle of gays. Luckily my taste in liquor evolved over the years as much as if no more than my taste in friends. 

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One Minute Margarita
with Lunazul Tequila

Entertaining and hanging with friends is one of the things I look forward to most, but I’ll admit that when I’m having friends over I tend to over-complicate things. I spend more time fretting over what we’re eating and drinking vs. enjoying my friend’s company.

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Food Pairing with Lunazul Tequila

One of my favorite things about sitting down to dinner at a Mexican restaurant is that you’re immediately greeted with chips and salsa, and if you’re anything like me and my friends you add guacamole to the mix before your server even has time to take your drink order.

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World Cocktail Day

TGIF! Am I right? It’s been one of the longest couple of weeks I’ve had in awhile, but the last few days have been hella productive, the rain has stopped, and today is World Cocktail Day. Sounds like a cause for celebration if I ever heard one, who’s with me? 

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For many reasons I legitimately can’t believe that The Kentucky Derby is just a few short weeks away. Namely because this year is flying by, but also because for the first time ever I’ll be attending Oaks and The Derby – which is cause for celebration in and of itself. 

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