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Anchal Project
Inspires Goodness

I’ve always considered myself a fairly involved person. Growing up I went on mission trips with my church and did volunteer work. As I got older though it’s safe to say that want waned and self-importance and ignorance took its place. I blame it on the fact that I was young and dumb. More interested in going out and drinking, not volunteering my time and/or money.  Little did I know that attending a fashion show a few years back would change all of that. I was originally introduced to Anchal Project at the launch of Anchal x Urban Renewal collection. Yes, I went to the show because of Urban Outfitters involvement (don’t hate – I was 21/22 and thought UO was the coolest thing ever.) But I left the show with more than a few tears in my eyes and a fire in my heart. A fire that’s grown over the years as I’ve developed a friendship with the team at Anchal.    Since then I attend their trunk shows and pop-up shops religiously. Doing my best to share their message with my readers when I can. Needless to say last year’s trip to India with them was a long time in the making. Getting the chance…

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Toyota Grand Prix

Sometimes, life comes full circle, and you forge a partnership with a brand that’s been in your life for years. For me, that brand is Paul Mitchell. I attended one of their schools almost 10 years ago, and now I’m part of their influencer program. Yes, it is a small world after all.  My time at Paul Mitchell The School: Louisville helped shape me into the man I am today. While I don’t do hair any longer, I still carry the life lessons I learned there with me every day. What might surprise some though is that for more than 30 years Paul Mitchell has supported lifestyle and sporting events around the globe. They also support the world-class athletes that compete in those events. Paul Mitchell supports everything from surfing to hip-hop dance, freeskiing to snowboarding. As well as everyone from Olympic Beach Volleyball players, freeskiers, World-champion snowboarders, urban dancers, and the world’s best team of martial artists. After being in NYC for men’s fashion week I headed out west with Paul Mitchell to experience the Toyota Grand Prix in Mammoth Lakes, California – the first freeski and snowboarding qualifier event for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  I spent my first night in this quiet mountain town, turned Pre-Olympic…

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After a quick stop off at the Vatsalya Children’s Village we completed the the almost 5 hour drive to Jaipur where we checked into one of my favorite home away from homes, Hotel Pearl Palace.  Our first few days in The Pink City were spent trying out all our favorites on the menu at our hotel’s rooftop restaurant (best lamb curry, ever), exploring the market, and learning about the natural dye process and block-printing.        Photos Taken and Edited Josh Johnson Before you go.. Like what you see? Follow me on Follow Subscribe to my RSS Feed

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It goes without saying that this post (and all the ones involving my trip to India yet to come) is more than a little over-due, but sometimes life happens. The last few months have been beyond challenging both professionally and personally.  But at the end of last year I made a promise to myself to start saying “no” more often, without explaining myself. So far, so good. Slowly but surely I’m making my way through a few month’s backlog of photos and reliving my moments in India like they were yesterday.  This first round of photos is from my visit to Vatsalya Children’s Village with Anchal Project. To say that we hit the ground running on our first full day of the trip would be the biggest understatement. We made it our hotel rooms at the Delhi airport around 2 am after over 24 hours of traveling (I never want to fly again) and were up for breakfast within a few hours.  We loaded up the SUV, introduced ourselves to our driver, and climbed in for what was easily one of the longest rides of my life. You’ve honestly not experienced traffic until you’re weaving in out and of a mixture…

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2017 Beer Trends

My trip out West with Let’s Grab a Beer is hands down one of the highlights of my year, and as we wrap up 2016 let’s set our sights on 2017 beer trends. First up: a quick refresher on why we went on the Barley Field Trip to begin with.  The main ingredients in beer are namely hops, yeast, and of course, water. But 72% of Americans* have no idea that the 4th core ingredient is barley. In other words, without that field none of the beer we get to enjoy would be possible and life would be much different. Crazy, huh? Beer culture, thanks to continued education from folks like Let’s Grab a Beer, has grown leaps and bounds over the past year. Because of that 2017 shows no signs of it slowing down, at all. Let’s Grab a Beer tapped 10 beer experts (including my friend The Beeroness) to get their take on where the industry is headed, and they’re all conveniently lined up in the infographic below. Read through their predictions below, and let me know what you’re most looking forward to in the comments below!   Now get out there and raise a glass in honor of all that 2016 gave us. And…

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