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Accounting Solutions

Last week was a doozy. I presented at my first ever conference and worried myself into a tizzy preparing for my presentation. But in typical Josh fashion I waited until the night before to put together the actual presentation. When I say I’m a pro at procrastinating, it’s not an exaggeration. I’m the worst. I’ll admit it. Talking about social media for an hour and a half seemed like a stretch. But about an hour into it I realized I could’ve used more time. Because it was barely enough to cover the basics. The sheer bulk of information to cover coupled with the abundance of questions from attendees meant I was rushing through my last couple of slides. Learn something new every day, right? Speaking of learning things, I’ve learned a lot over the years, including things I don’t necessarily enjoy. Like keeping my books and paying taxes. I’ve teamed up with QuickBooks Self-Employed today to help y’all take control of your taxes. Because their self-employed accounting solutions make my life so much easier. And I honestly would have a few more grey hairs if it weren’t for them.    TurboTax Self-Employed incorporates seamlessly with QuickBooks Self-Employed  for a one of a kind tax preparation and expense…

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Tax Time Tips

Running your own business is great, but it definitely comes with its fair share of challenges. For me the most daunting of those challenges is anything money related. Especially taxes. I’ve always been horrible at money management and budgeting. I thought it would get better running a business but not entirely. You live and learn though, right?  I’m a pro at putting things off that frighten or intimidate me, especially if I have no idea what I’m doing. But with the help TurboTax Self-Employed I’m stepping up to the plate early to knock my taxes out before I have the chance to put them off. With helpful articles and tools, like SmartLook and Expense Finder they take the guess-work out of filing taxes and make it easy even for money-challenged folks like myself. There are plenty of tax time tips for those #selfmade bosses out there, but one that’s better learned now than later is working smarter not harder. I’ve used QuickBooks Self-Employed for a few years now, and it’s honestly made my life 100 times easier. It syncs with all my bank accounts and cards making the process of bookkeeping incredibly seamless. All you’ve got to do is swipe left or right to denote whether it’s a personal or business…

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Perfect Travel Companion

Once upon a time I had a love/hate relationship with audiobooks. I’m just old enough to have done all of my schooling with good ole fashion paper books and still have that love for turning the pages myself. Over the years though, my relationship with audiobooks has shifted to a very-loving one.  They’ve become my ultimate travel companion over the last few years. As I begun to travel more and more for work. From solo road trips to transatlantic flights they’re the perfect thing to keep me company. For me, they help the time go by SO much faster. I get to zone out for a few hours and entire an alternate world. Imagine I’m on a star cruiser jetting off somewhere in a galaxy far, far away. Instead of barreling down the interstate going a measly 65 miles per hour.  Even though I was a late convert, and while I still love to flip pages the old fashioned way, audiobooks make my travels 100% more enjoyable. Now when I board a plane I pop my headphones in, recline my seat, and allow myself to be taken to another universe. Which is the real beauty of books after all, right?  Audible is currently…

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Apartment Cleaning Made Easy

This post is sponsored by Dyson via Mode Media, but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Let me start this off by coming out and saying that the whole time I’ve had my own apartment (going on five years now) I’ve not once owned a vacuum. Go on. Go ahead and judge me. I’ll be the first to admit that I slightly deserve it.

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Chill Out, It’s Just Instagram

Okay, by now it’s safe to say that everyone knows that Instagram is rolling out an update, reportedly within the week, that will turn what was once our beloved chronological feed into a feed based on an algorithm – similar to Facebook.  But it’s also safe to say that most folks don’t know how to come out on top after the Instagram update goes live, and let me be the first to say that it’s not by encouraging your followers to subscribe for push notifications. I repeat: do not encourage your followers to subscribe for push notifications.  Push notifications literally serve the same function as the text alert you get whenever you receive a new text. Know that annoying group text you’re in that leaves you with 50 unread notifications in an one hour time span? Yeah, me too. That same thing will happen if your followers turn on push notifications for all your Instagram posts. You’ll be lumped right in there with that annoying group text with their chatty Cathy friends, but one disadvantage you’ll have is that you’re not a real friend of theirs. They can’t text back and tell you to shut up, but they can quickly unsubscribe…

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