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Baxter of California Spring Update

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Spring cleaning is officially in the air, and I’m not just talking about your house, closet, and car (yes, I very seldom clean my car out, and I suck for that.) I’m also referring to your skincare game. I’ve teamed up with Baxter of California to share how guys (and gals) can and should switch up their skincare regime as the weather shifts.

What’s good for your skin in the dryer months is more than likely not going to cut it now that the weather is warming up, the sun is going to be out, and your skin is going to be more oily instead of dry. 

Personally, I keep the same face wash throughout the year, but I change up my toner, moisturizer, and any masks that I may use as the weather starts to warm up. Why? Because I have combination oily/dry skin. If the warmer months it leans more towards the oily side, where as in the cooler months I’ve got some dry patches. 

The moisture heavy products I use to keep the dry spots at bay would aggravate any/all oily spots I have, and vice versa. It’s important to keep things like this in mind as you begin to clean out your medicine cabinets. Just like you move your heavier sweaters to the back of your closet as we welcome Spring it’s important to move things like your heavier moisturizers to the back as well.

Photos by Josh Johnson

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