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The Summit at Fritz Farm

If y’all follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, now’s the perfect time!) you’ve probably seen that I’ve been in Lexington a lot lately. For work. For fun. And everything in between. But most of all to get in some shopping at The Summit at Fritz Farm.  The new mixed-use development has brought several first to state stores into the fold like  Bonobos, Marine Layer, Draper James, and Frye. Essentially a one-stop shop for just about anyone and everyone. Late last month I had the chance to try out a few of the stores for myself, and I’m happy to report that you guys won’t be disappointed!  So today I’m sharing TWO outfits that really show off the range of retailers at The Summit at Fritz Farm. First up: Marine Layer. Not heard of it? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either. But it’s safe to say that from this point on I’ll be wearing their t-shirts religiously. Why? Because they are insanely comfortable AND come in half sizes. Yes, you read that correctly. Half sizes for dudes. Completely mind blown! Whether you’re a marge (medium to large) or a larger (large to x-large) you will be covered. As a tall dude it’s sometimes hard to find shirts that…

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Work From Home Uniform

Working from home has its fair share of advantages, like getting to sleep in and setting my own schedule, but also dis-advantages like lack of a scheduled lunch and no dress code. Sure, working from home the couch in my gym shorts is great, and I honestly do love it. But am I my most productive in those moments? Nah. Not at all. Which is why over the last couple of months I’ve done my best to get up every day and shower. I know that seems obvious, but its easy to skip when you’re working from home. And then put on clothes that make me look AND feel presentable. Saying that it’s helped with my productivity levels would be an understatement.  For me having clothes that can easily transition from a lunch meeting to a launch event or after dinner drinks is important. Because normally if I’m out working at a coffee shop or having a meeting I avoid going home because it’s real easy to “take a break” and then spend the rest of the day on the couch catching up on my Netflix shows. So today I’ve partnered with Express to share my essential work from home uniform. My so-called…

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Black Canadian Tuxedo

It’s been a doozy of a week, and it’s only half over. Consider me more than ready for a nice, quiet weekend at home. But all-in-all, I can’t complain. It’s been a busy, yet fun kind of busy week. Involving way too much food and indulging in my fair share of bourbon cocktails shortly after noon. Don’t judge too harshly – it was for “work” after all.  Yesterday I had the chance, alongside a handful of other media folks, to experience Maker’s Mark latest addition to their distillery. A killer food AND cocktail menu. We noshed on some of the best damn deviled eggs and sipped bourbon slushies after receiving a tour from the man himself – Rob Samuels, President of the family owned and operated company. I’ll be sharing more on that, as well as some photos from my day at the distillery, soon. Probably once the food coma officially wears off, and I’m able to think clearly again. Give me a few days. Once you try the food you’ll know exactly what I mean. Easily some of the best food I’ve had in recent memory.  Didn’t attend just one restaurant press-preview yesterday though. Rounded out the night with a quick jaunt…

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3 Tips for First Time Insurers

Earlier this month I received an email reminding me to celebrate my car’s one-year anniversary, and it made me realize how fast the year has gone. This time last year I began the process of purchasing my first car. My Christmas present to myself for completing my first year of full-time self employment. Also, my first ever big boy purchase. It was equal parts terrifying and gratifying. Best part? I’d gotten to the point where I didn’t need a co-signer. I mean, it is great, but it also means that all signs point to me being a grown up.  Buying your first car can definitely come with a unique set of hurdles, that as a young(er) person I had no idea how to tackle. Which is why I’m teaming up with Esurance to make shopping for insurance easier than ever with 3 Tips for First Time Insurers alongside the ease of their platform. Plan Ahead I literally can not stress this one enough. I relied on my parents to help a lot in this aspect, and there were several things that fell through the cracks. Make sure to have an insurance agent/search for insurance in the state where YOU live. Because that’s…

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The Perfect Jeans for Guys With Thighs

Old Navy is always a place I stock up on basics, cause one can never have too many layering tees, and now they’re also a place for me to grab a pair, or two, of great fitting jeans. See the thing is if a pair of jeans doesn’t have a bit of stretch and give in them I just can’t love them. Like? Sure. But love? Nah. I have to feel comfortable in them. Free to move around with the restraint of a rigid pair of jeans, and with the Flex line of jeans at Old Navy I’m able to do just that. I’m 6’4” with a slim(mish) waist and incredibly long legs, and it’s next to impossible for me to find a pair of jeans that fit both my waist and legs – which is why I never buy a pair of jeans with at least a bit of stretch in them. They just don’t fit without it.  Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than jeans sagging off your bottom, and when jeans have a bit of give in them I’m able to size to fit my waist without smothering my thighs – making them the perfect jeans for guys…

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