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Black Canadian Tuxedo

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It’s been a doozy of a week, and it’s only half over. Consider me more than ready for a nice, quiet weekend at home. But all-in-all, I can’t complain. It’s been a busy, yet fun kind of busy week. Involving way too much food and indulging in my fair share of bourbon cocktails shortly after noon. Don’t judge too harshly – it was for “work” after all. 

Yesterday I had the chance, alongside a handful of other media folks, to experience Maker’s Mark latest addition to their distillery. A killer food AND cocktail menu. We noshed on some of the best damn deviled eggs and sipped bourbon slushies after receiving a tour from the man himself – Rob Samuels, President of the family owned and operated company. I’ll be sharing more on that, as well as some photos from my day at the distillery, soon. Probably once the food coma officially wears off, and I’m able to think clearly again. Give me a few days. Once you try the food you’ll know exactly what I mean. Easily some of the best food I’ve had in recent memory. 

boohoo, boohoo man, canadian tuxedo, mens style blog, the kentucky gent
boohoo, boohoo man, canadian tuxedo, mens style blog, the kentucky gent

Didn’t attend just one restaurant press-preview yesterday though. Rounded out the night with a quick jaunt across the Ohio to the Sunny side of the river. By way of the toll-free bridge because my cheap ass still hasn’t signed up for a transponder. Whoops. Anyways, I was there because the team behind Portage House, Citizen 7, and Commonwealth Tap unveiled their latest venture, Parlour, last night. A new pizza joint with one of the BEST patios in the tri-state area. Yes, seriously. Well worth the drive across the bridge.

It’s literally right off the Big Four Bridge, and I’m already envisioning myself running across the bridge, once I’m back in better shape, to enjoy a cold beer. 

When I’m running from spot to spot like I was yesterday comfort is key to me. Especially when it involves hours of driving. Y’all know I love nothing more than a good t-shirt and jeans gig, but for press events I like to at least wear a collared shirt with a jacket if I’m feeling fancy. How civilized of me, right? But instead of donning a blazer I opt for a denim jacket. Like this boohooMan black denim jacket that I picked up from last week. Because for me a good Canadian Tuxedo moment is the perfect way to “dress up” a look without throwing on a shirt and tie. 

boohoo, boohoo man, canadian tuxedo, mens style blog, the kentucky gent

3 Tips for First Time Insurers

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Earlier this month I received an email reminding me to celebrate my car’s one-year anniversary, and it made me realize how fast the year has gone. This time last year I began the process of purchasing my first car.

My Christmas present to myself for completing my first year of full-time self employment. Also, my first ever big boy purchase. It was equal parts terrifying and gratifying. Best part? I’d gotten to the point where I didn’t need a co-signer. I mean, it is great, but it also means that all signs point to me being a grown up. 

Buying your first car can definitely come with a unique set of hurdles, that as a young(er) person I had no idea how to tackle. Which is why I’m teaming up with Esurance to make shopping for insurance easier than ever with 3 Tips for First Time Insurers alongside the ease of their platform.

Plan Ahead

I literally can not stress this one enough. I relied on my parents to help a lot in this aspect, and there were several things that fell through the cracks. Make sure to have an insurance agent/search for insurance in the state where YOU live. Because that’s where I ran into trouble. My mom didn’t tell the agent she was working with that I lived in Kentucky, not Indiana. That agent didn’t service Kentucky, and the quote I received from her was several hundred dollars cheaper than what I ended up getting in Kentucky. Sadly, I didn’t realize any of that until after I had already signed the paperwork for my car. Needless to say, things were a little tighter than planned last year as I was paying $200 more for insurance than I had budgeted for when deciding on an affordable car payment. Have all your I’s dotted and T’s crossed before you head into the dealership. It’ll save you a lot of headache in the long run. 

Find Discounts

Most insurance companies offer discounts for things like safe driving, driving under a certain amount of miles each month, or being a student. Be on the look out for discounts that you could qualify for, and don’t be afraid to shop around for companies with deeper discounts! Trust me, you don’t want an insurance premium that’s more expensive than your car payment. Been there. Done that. Declined the t-shirt. 

Shop Smart

I never thought I’d be the one to say this, but it’s 100% true. Having the newest car on the block with all the fancy features you’ve dreamed of is great, but it won’t keep you warm at night or keep your fridge full of food. Find a price range that works for you (including your insurance premium) and do your best to stick to it because nobody wants to be car poor.

With Esurance’s wide range of smart tools, robust protection, and personalized service it’s never been easier to be in control when shopping for car insurance. I’m a do it myself kind of guy, which is why I was instantly drawn to their site. It’s easy to navigate, and  puts the focus on powering consumers to take control of the process vs. letting it control them. Ready to find out for yourself what sets them apart? Then I’d urge you to head on over to their site yourself and get to shopping!

From quote to claim, Esurance is working to help you make smarter, more efficient choices with your home and auto insurance. Using state-of-the-art technology, they offer a seamless online and mobile experience along with intuitive tools that help take the hassle out of insurance.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Esurance. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thanks for continuing to support the brands that make The Kentucky Gent possible!

Crystal Ludwick Photography | Edited by Josh Johnson

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