Out N Lou 12/25/14

The Kentucky Gent, a men's life and style blogger, shares what to do in Louisville the weekend of 12/25/14.

First of all, Merry Christmas! Secondly, thank you. Thank you for another year of continued support in this crazy adventure, and thank you for tuning in for this special Christmas edition of Out N Lou. While many of us may be spending time with friends and loved ones this time of year, I do realize and understand that not all of us are so lucky. Whether it be distance that separates us from our families this time of year, or other circumstances Out N Lou has you covered. Cause no one should be spending Christmas night alone. Below find a list of 11 bars that are open on Christmas Day, thanks to my friends at Thrillist plus one thanks to yours truly, along with other happenings in and around Louisville this Holiday weekend. 

Where To Drink on Thursday 12/25/14:

Friday 12/26/14:

Saturday 12/27/14:

Sunday 12/28/14:

  • Soak up all the booze from a Holiday weekend in Kentucky with the Bluegrass Brunch at The Monkey Wrench. 
  • Sing along with the crew at Play Louisville for Show Tunes Sunday.

It’s a pretty short list week, as I and most of the Louisville creatives are trying to take a few days off, disconnect, and recharge our batteries so that we can take on 2015 with all that we’ve got. Speaking of 2015.. is there anything that you see on the site that you hate? Or maybe there’s things you don’t see that you’d like to. If so, leave me some feedback in the comments below, and as always tag along this weekend by tagging your photos with #OutNLou – which hopefully after yesterday’s post takes on a whole new meaning for you.  

Shop These To Stay Stylish This Weekend:


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